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Micha Публикувано на: 30 Окт 2008, 01:39

Hello folks,

my Name is Micha, I am from Germany and unfortunately don't speak a single word bulgarian, but I am glad that I made it into your forum through the language barrier

I have pair of rather large superb quality active 3-Way Nivox Studio Monitors Model 4 that should have been made in Sofia (perhaps), one of them is not working and I am desperately looking for a circuit diagram or some useful info about Nivox itself, adress, email, if they are still producing etc.

Would be really nice if someone can help me, regards, Micha

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Sofia-netz Публикувано на: 30 Окт 2008, 02:24

Hello, Micha! You are the first foreigner in our forum and my attempt to be helpfull is the following information, which I translated from another place:
МО-1,probably your Nivox:
Symetric input
Input impedance -20 κΩ
Nominal signal input amplitude -1,5V (+6 dBm)
Supression of the synphase signal (CMRR)->60 dB
Nominal sound level-106 dB/1m
Frequency response function,2м in the main axis,1/3 octave noise-30Hz-20kH+_2 dB
Spatial characteristics:
1/3 octavial noise,biasing+_3 dB
In horizontal plane-+_30 degrees
In vertical plane -+_15 degres.
Nonlinear distortion
40Hz-20kHzq90 dB/m-<1%
Noise level -10 dΒΑ
Separating filter-24 dB/oct,tipe LINKWITZ
Separating frequencies-500 kHz, 4,5kHz
Power amplifiers-3x60 W/8Ω
Nonlinear distortion of signal-<0,01 %-60W/8 Ω
Intramodulational distortion of signal-<0,01%(CCIF-IM)
Regulator of the sound level -106 dB-94 dB/1 m, calibrated
Correction for low and high frequencies-regulation in the margins +_12 dB
with a step 2dB for 30Hz и 20kHz
Signal input coupling-XLR
Power supply input voltage- 220V,50/60 Hz
Power consumption-200 VA
Box dimensions-355х695х350 mm
Weight-45 kg.
Good luck!

Micha Публикувано на: 03 Ное 2008, 00:10


Thanks for your reply, but they are different than the above mentioned, I will add some pictures, maybe someone will recognize them.
(Even though, the specifications you posted sound familiar, but different crossover frequencies etc.)

bxd Публикувано на: 15 Ное 2008, 21:43

I have seen similar speakers in Technical University of Sofia a few years ago
But I don't know anything about them, except they have (at least) two different versions. They are extremely rare.
Try asking here:


see this (same data as sofia-netz's post):
http://translate.google.com/translate?u ... l=bg&tl=en

Micha Публикувано на: 17 Ное 2008, 18:19

Thanks alot bxd!

I started a thread over there: http://www.bgaudioclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8948

Best wishes, Micha